In 2014, my husband and I needed to place our son in a pre-school that gave him the nurturing he would have at home, the edu-care we wanted for him as well as a system that gave us the ability to be working parents with day jobs.

Little Angels was recommended to us by friends who had high praises about it so in October 2014 we made the change from a day mother to Little Angels and have never looked back.

The school has an early drop off time and aftercare till 5pm which suited our needs perfectly. There is also holiday care throughout the year.

The needs of our son where met beyond our expectations as the school offers stability and a loving, nurturing environment. Our boy, who has just turned 2, considers the teachers as family, and so do we.

His education has leaped forward and he has learnt more in the last 6 months than I could ever possibly imagine. He has not only learned how to count and speak and all the educational basics (the list is very long), but his confidence and independence has grown as well.

There is an extra mural program that the school organises and his physical abilities have also improved so much giving him a love for sport at such an early age.

I am so relieved to know that my child is in their care. I am very grateful that this school wants for my child what I want for him.

Yours sincerely
Cathryn Dykins

My daughter Emily started at Little Angels Montessori when she was 18mths and she is now almost 4 years old.

She is excited each morning and looks forward to her day at school with her friends. Every week I can tell that she’s learnt something new J We feel so lucky to have found you as her directress.

No one has done anything more important for us than you and your team. Michelle, you and your staff are professional, caring, happy, accommodating, competent & loving. Never once have we had to question or worry about any element of the care that you provide. The school is always clean, the garden is looking amazing, the atmosphere is always welcoming, loving and friendly! All I have left to say is that Emily has thrived in your care and I almost feel the real world will come as a shock to her when she starts ‘big school’ next year. I know she will miss you all very much.

Thanks so much for everything.
Belinda Fouché​​

Little Angels Montessori is a wonderful school with a loving and dedicated team of teachers and staff. We currently have our twin daughters Sarah and Jenna enrolled at the school, they have flourished since being at school and I am amazed at all the things they are now able to do with confidence.

The girls love going to school every day – this is the best testament you could ask for.

The Montessori Method is followed and taught in all the classrooms, this was important for me in choosing a school as not all Montessori schools actually do this.

My eldest daughter who also attended Little Angels Montessori has done so well once graduating to “big” school because the foundation laid was so strong.

I can highly recommend Little Angels to anyone looking for a loving structured environment for their children to learn and develop into confident and school ready children.
Cheryl Miller

Sadie has been at Little Angels Montessori now for 8 months and she is flourishing. She has developed into a social butterfly that can make friends no matter where we go! Academically she amazes me on a daily basis and socially there are definitely no problems. The structure, course work and discipline together with the loving and safe environment have taught Sadie to be an independent and very confident young lady. Most morning she would hurry me along and many afternoons she would complain when Ouma came to collect her. In the evenings she entertains us with all the stories, facts, songs and all the new things she learnt that day.

The staff are amazing, the facilities are beautiful, clean and organised. They get a healthy home cooked meal every day and as a working mom it is incredible that they are open during all the holidays with exception of December and at no extra cost.

Sending Sadie to Little Angels Montessori was the best investment we could have made into her future. I cannot thank Michelle, Phumla and the rest of the staff enough.
Charlene E’Silva

Little Angels Montessori really is terrific. Our son, Jake, has flourished since attending and is always excited for school. It’s a wonderful, fun-filled learning environment.
Many thanks!
Roxy and Derrick